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I have over 6 years of experience working as a front-end developer. You give me a PSD and I create a valid, cross-browser compatible HTML code.



My code is clean like a newborn child and sexy like Scarlett Johansson. I know CSS3, LESS, SASS or use any other framework on your preference. I can also make your site responsive and it will look nice on most mobile devices



You need some actions on your site - that's easy for me! Galleries, features, dropdowns..

Portfolio, for better view

These are only some small pieces of my work! I worked for NASA, FBI and CIA at secret sites so a lot of my markups are classified, because they are so AWESOME

How do I work

We talk to each other, discuss your project and all the aspects of work to be done. I will understand your needs and you will understand why you need to hire me.

We talk to each other, discuss project and all aspects of work we will do. I will understand your need and you will understand whe you need to hire me.

I start working on the project, producing code, making your site look better.

You get my code and you see how AWESOME it is! You understand that I'm the coder you were seaching for all your life and you want me to work full time for you!

You start getting money from your project, and understand that I'm a person who you will advise to all your collegues

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